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Perforated Windows

A Brief guide to Perforated Windows


The perforated windows vinyl and glass consists of a film of white PVC for the front and on the back with small perforations to facilitate transmission of light that allow visibility from inside the windows, however from the outside displays digital printing. This material is designed for use in vehicle windows, crystals public facilities, buildings or large windows with the aim of disseminating advertising. The durability of this material in its optimum state is 1 year. This material is removable in the first year without any residue.

Micro-perforated vinyl is holed PVC sheets evenly, which allow light to pass across digital printing. This vinyl is printed on one side and is commonly placed in windows (fleet of commercial vehicles, shop windows or windows of buses, etc ...). The micro perforations allow you to see the outside through the window while the vinyl covers the crystal. However, from the outside you will see a surface perfectly labeled with the advertising image we want and without the micro distortion. The intended result is that the light from inside the premises or vehicle, protect said interior of the sun and especially people who are there, do not feel uncomfortable and have more feeling of spaciousness.



Labeling windows, vehicles, offices, etc. is a very direct marketing, most entrepreneurs, freelancers and entrepreneurs often do not consider. A vinyl vehicle in our work, in our showcase, etc. is advertising that helps us to publicize our services and position our brand. And the advantage is that this type of advertising is paid only once.


Points to consider:


When the interior of the premises or buses, labeled with this type of vinyl, lit (at night) micro perforated vinyl has the opposite effect they have during the day. That is, by seeing from inside (local or vehicle) out. In the case of commercial premises, it can illuminate the vinyl printed part to cushion the effect. If you do not want this effect, always make sure that dim lighting inside and a stronger exterior lighting.



Printing on a perforated windows vinyl (like on a micro canvas) gives a more subdued result, which is always recommended that the print image is colorful and with a slightly higher contrast than normal.


How a perforated vinyl is placed?


The placement of vinyl on the surface (glass showcase, etc. has no secret. It is applied as any other vinyl. You should only consider that the placement is more delicate, since with the micro vinyl tends to tear if not handled well.